Teacher Blog

From Teacher Jo:

I love community outreach. Giving educational talks to new mothers at places like Lutheran Hospital Birth Center, Montbello Family Health Center, Baby and Co, and Childrens Hospital. Music Together is such a beautiful program. It has brought me out into the community. After 15 years of teaching family classes, I have grown my outreach to give talks to families about the value of singing to babies and the joy, comfort, and emotional bond it can bring.  Music making crosses all ages, cultures, and demographics....it just makes us all better humans.


From teacher Jacquie:

 I learned in the fall workshop about how babies's have a broad attention focus so they take in everything. Toddlers develop more of a specifc focus. We tend to think babies are not taking in anything because they often times "just sit there" but really they are taking in EVERYTHING.
The analogy used was that babies attention is more like a lantern; its vast & toddlers attention is more like a flashlight; more specific.
Parents think toddlers get more out of the class bc their toddlers can [show] more specifically what they are learning about. It's so important to understand that babies are getting just as much of a rich experience & taking in so much even though they may not show it.
From teacher Melissa:
My Parent Education this week was about deep communication. I set up from last week where I defined deep communication as heart-to-heart communication.  So this week, I'm going to give you a challenge. Let's try our best to bring our verbal communication down to as close to zero as possible. Notice when you are compelled to talk to your child or talk to another grown-up and instead, perhaps choose to communicate with a facial expression or body language. Just see what happens! And this includes me! I'm going to do my best to lead the entire class with as few verbal cues as possible. Could be crazy, but who cares? Are you ready?And then I modelled with a thumbs up.
I saw many moments where parents noticed and tried something different, even as a kid was climbing on the window sill or other more challenging moments. I also noticed an increase in kid music participation.  As we went into the Goodbye song, I asked How did it go? We processed about it and I concluded, it's not that talking to your child is wrong. But the more we try other ways to communicate, the more often we can drop down into that heart space, and communicate heart to heart!