Music Together

Jacquie Van Horne
6441 E Evans/Monaco, 80222 (location map)
Tuesday, 5:30 PM
01/07/20 - 03/17/20 (10 weeks)

We focus on learning music in our classes through playful experimentation with music, singing, instruments and dancing. Each semester uses a variety of award winning music from our Music Together CDs. All classes are designed for mixed ages from birth to age 5.  In a typical class you'll find babies, toddlers, and preschoolers all experimenting with music in their own way. Adults in class are highly encouraged to participate and sing, regardless of any talent for music, as it's crucial to set the example for the children.

Upcoming Meetings
03/03/20    5:30 PM Tuesday 03/03/20 5:30 PM
03/10/20    5:30 PM Tuesday 03/10/20 5:30 PM
03/17/20    5:30 PM Tuesday (Moved from: 01/14/20) 03/17/20 5:30 PM
(Moved from: 01/14/20)